The Spiritual Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Leadership

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What kind of people come to mind when you think of leadership? Strong, brave, outspoken individuals? Maybe you think of political leaders or t.v. personalities. 

I certainly never considered myself to be a leader before. No way – I’m too shy, reserved, introverted – NOT leadership material. At least not in the traditional sense. 

But I’ll share a secret with you – leaders come in ALL forms. It doesn’t matter if you’re famous. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich. It doesn’t even matter if you’re the most introverted person on the planet. 

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Do you have a desire to make a difference in the world? 

Then, my dear, YOU can be a leader. And you might already be a leader to the people around you. 

These are 12 characteristics I think are essential to becoming a soul-led leader. 



Leaders help people transform their lives. They naturally inspire and empower others to become better versions of themselves simply by being an example of what is possible to achieve. 


Leaders turn to their soul and intuition for guidance before looking to others. While they’re not afraid to get help from others, they know that often they already know the answer and must trust themselves.


Leaders are willing to try new things. They know that risk often results in reward and they’re not afraid to be the first to try. Despite any lingering fear of the outcome, leaders know that they can help others by trying something first and sharing their results – good or bad.


Leaders act from alignment. They allow their message to flow through them and don’t waste time worrying about how to present their knowledge to others. Instead, leaders share what they know and trust that the right people will get exactly what they need.


Leaders stand in their power. They are proud to share their message and choose not to engage with negative feedback. They recognize the difference between someone adding a new opinion to the discussion and someone who is only trying to tear others down. Leaders welcome discussion but need not encourage negativity by engaging with such feedback.


Leaders willingly share their personal story with others in order for others to understand them on a deeper level. It’s important for others to know that they are completely normal, still have fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. Authenticity in sharing their story inspires others to know that it’s possible for them to overcome their struggles too.


Leaders show up to do the work Every. Day. They know that consistency is the key to getting results. The more often they show up, the more people they can reach with their message. They don’t base their daily actions solely on what they feel like doing. Instead, they cultivate discipline and develop daily habits that support their success.


Leaders act from integrity. They’re honest, trustworthy, and have good intentions for all they do. Others can sense that they are sincere. 


Leaders spark conversations and get people to think deeper about their message. They know that they don’t need to have all the answers themselves. Instead, part of their goal is to help others find the answers for themselves.


Leaders strive to create supportive communities, no matter how big or small. They naturally draw people together who are interested in their message, whether on or offline, and they foster discussion and support, rather than negativity.


Leaders SERVE others by sharing their message and helping others apply it to their lives.


Finally, leaders CHOOSE to be a leader. They choose to show up every day and share their message. They choose to help and inspire as many people as possible. They don’t wait until they feel ready or until someone else tells them they’re ready. They simply start to ACT like the leader they want to be.


After reading (or maybe skimming) through my list, what do you think? Are you a leader? Do you want to be a leader? Is my list missing anything you believe is essential to leadership? 

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