How to Develop a Success Mindset

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I HATE to see women feel stuck in their lifestyles.


Sure, we can’t control everything that happens to us.


But we CAN control our mindset.


I truly believe success starts in your mind. If you don’t first BELIEVE that success is possible for you, do you really think you’ll do the work to make it happen?


That’s a hard no. You’re more likely to find yourself making excuses for not taking necessary action.


“But Rebecca – I don’t even have a clue what I want to do with my life!”


I hear you. And I’ve got some good news!


Having a success mindset is NOT dependent on having a clear goal or purpose or dream job lined up. It’s about keeping a positive attitude and knowing that success is on its way to you every day.


So, if you’re ready to learn how to develop a positive, successful mindset – even if you have no idea what you want – read on!






Who we spend our time with has a HUGE impact on our mindset.


There are certain people that I choose to spend less time with because being around them literally drains my energy. For example, I can’t stand listening to people talk about the same personal problems over and over and yet take NO action to change things. 


We all need to vent sometimes, I get it. But if you’re bringing me the same issues and clearly not interested in making changes, wellll…




On the other hand, some people are so positive and high-vibe that I spend as much time as possible with them. These are people who easily inspire and motivate me because of their positive outlook.


When it comes to friends, we have greater choice in who to spend our time with. So, if you find yourself feeling drained and negative when with certain people, it could be time for a change. I encourage you to spend less time with them and seek out those who fill you with positivity.


It gets a little harder when it comes to our families. I’m NOT suggesting you disown any family members who you feel are too negative.


Try to be a positive influence in their lives by sharing your own success mindset. For example, offer positive solutions to problems they bring up. And don’t forget to give yourself space to recharge when you need it!


If you tend to be an introverted hermit like me and spend way more time interacting with other humans online than in the “real world”, this applies to you too. Find positive, success-driven people to connect with on the interwebs and this will automatically shift your mindset to focus on positivity and success.




On a related note, it’s important to surround yourself with positivity in other areas of your life too. So not just the people you hang out with, but what you listen to, what you read, etc. 


When I find myself feeling like I’m not good enough or smart enough or whatever enough to reach my goals, just reading a few empowering quotes can instantly get my success mindset back on track.



If you need an instant mindset boost, I highly recommend Dreamlife Deluxe. Susi is a mindset coach and her content has been life-changing for me. She has this magnetic, high-vibe energy that makes you want to jump up and get started on #allthethings.


The more you find ways to stay inspired and positive throughout the day, the easier it will become to maintain a success mindset.


A few suggestions…


  • Listen to your favorite podcasts while doing boring chores like washing dishes to keep yourself in a positive mood.

  • Write down your favorite inspirational quotes and stick them on your mirror, by your desk, on doors, etc. so that you see them often.

  • Spend some time reading motivational content every day – not online but *gasp* from actual books.



If you’re struggling to feel successful, affirmations can be a really powerful way to shift your mindset.


I like to use affirmations in a few ways. I have an affirmation “journal” where I write down affirmations shared by others and that I create for myself. I like to get really specific so I have them organized by topic. Whenever I want to focus on a certain area, I just pull out that list, read all the affirmations out loud, and add more that come to me.


I also like to work affirmations into my daily routine while I’m doing other things. I find it really boosts my mindset during the day, especially when I’m doing stuff that makes me feel bored and uninspired.


If I’m alone, I like to repeat affirmations out loud. Usually, I pick one affirmation and repeat it over and over until I really FEEL it and believe it to be true.


I love doing this while I’m alone in my car because I know no one can hear me. Yes it feels SUPER awkward to talk to yourself like this. But for real, it’s an awesome way to pump yourself up and get ready to take on the world (or at least survive the day).





I’ve always been a journaler – more so when I was younger. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten away from the whole “Dear Diary, today I….” because it’s boring. I’m sure I’ll regret it when I’m old and losing my mind. (Jokes! …I’ve lost it already).


ANYWAYS, what I do love is mindset journaling. So, instead of recounting my day or freewriting with no direction (no disrespect – they have their place too!) I like to ask myself questions about areas of my life that I want to work on and then write whatever comes to mind around that.


So, in order to develop a success mindset, I might ask myself things like “what does success look like to me?” And then write whatever – having a location independent business, traveling the world, inhaling cookies without gaining calories – you get the idea.


If you’re still figuring out what you want in life, these types of questions can help you get clear on your desires. Then, you can focus on any mindset blocks or fears you might have around your desires and work through them.


I won’t get into detail here, but if you’re interested in trying this, Susi from Dreamlife Deluxe is the mindset journaling queen! Check out her post on How to Create Daily Disciplines for Success to learn how you can get started with mindset journaling.




Full disclosure – I might not be the BEST person to get advice from about daily routines because my schedule is notoriously scattered. 


But just because MY habits are a disaster, doesn’t mean routines aren’t important! I have daily/weekly self-care activities that I like to stick to because they basically set the tone for my day/night. 


And yes, I consider self-care activities an essential part of a success mindset! Personally, I really hate when my days are too busy – it makes me feel mentally scattered and directionless if I’m chasing after too many things.


Having a morning routine gives me much-needed space to simply breathe, get organized, and consume large amounts of coffee (the most important routine, obvs!) before my day gets started. And my evening routine puts me into a state of complete calm and relaxation right before bed.


The specific habits don’t matter as much as just giving yourself that time in the morning and/or night to focus on yourself. Find a few things to do every day that make you feel calm and in control of your day-to-day activities.


Feeling successful about your days right now will help you develop a success mindset for the future. 




This is absolutely key to developing a success mindset. You’re always going to make mistakes. You’re going to fail sometimes. When you mess up or something bad happens in your life, take a step back and think about what you can learn from it.


I like to use this in my mindset journaling practice. First I write down what happened and how it happened. Then, I focus on how I could change in the future. I might ask myself “How would I act differently in this situation to have a better result?”


The idea is to turn that mistake into a learning opportunity. But, whether you use mindset journaling or not, at least find something positive to focus on instead. Do something to inspire yourself and remind yourself that success is on its way to you, no matter what happens.


You got this!




These are the 6 methods I use to boost my success mindset.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people
  2. Get inspired
  3. Affirmations
  4. Mindset journaling
  5. Morning/evening routines
  6. Learn from mistakes

Basically, I try to infuse positivity and successful thinking into all areas of my life. I seek out people who encourage me to chase my dreams. I follow people on Instagram who fill my feed with positive vibes. I read blogs and watch videos that inspire me to action.

I truly believe that success is possible for everyone. Use these tips to develop your own success mindset and I know that good things will flow your way.

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